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Hindu Wedding Cards Carrying Cliches And Charisma Together

Hindu wedding cards are one of the best ways to express the beauty of love and the longevity associated with the wedding. Although, the cards have so much of cliches in it but the motifs can give the style icons and designers some new way of thinking to make the cards. Now, being one of the person who has seen much of the cards since childhood as I have been born and bought up in India I can say that things have changed quite a bit. The designing of the cards has changed to a great extent and now with the digitization it makes easy to print number of cards immediately.

Thinking about the beautiful cards it is all about giving the new style and with the current flavour of the wedding which is about putting less of the names and more of designs one could think that the wedding cards have changed in every possible ways. With the person in you who goes to the card design centre is given few samples of the card but if the regular inscriptions like Pratham Nimantran aapko along with multiple design of Lord Ganesha and the mantra which reminds of the auspiciousness of the marriage gives the stylish card some intrinsic details and thus it is the same for every card.

Now talking about the different ways which is in the Hindu wedding cards are the entire family name along with the entire family tree inscribed on it. If the person feels that the card is all the same it gives one person a thought that the personal designing on the cards should be all about your own thoughts for the small designing to the entire color and also the way it can be a digitally enhanced cards. If the personal thought process goes it is about giving your own photograph on the background with maybe some wild animals or your favorite animal along with your village background or the place you have visited recently at India or abroad.

It's your own thinking which can bring the change in the cards rather than the same one "mere mausi ki saddi mein jalul-jalul anna" kind of statements which have been overdone till date. Now, it is all about the e-invitation which can be made through best of the digital ways. Changing the design is all about the thoughts which gives your mind something to feel good about rather than giving the same old stories of giving the entire card of carrying generations name which anyway has been part of the cards from so many years to come.