Hindu Punjabi Wedding Culture, Dress, Food And Music Celebration

Hindu Punjabi wedding is an ostentatious event requires a lot of arrangements to get more fun and joys around the big day ceremony. If you are going to attend Punjabi marriage absolutely will have a great joy and fun loving moments because they are extremely hospitable and welcome their guests honorably. Wedding venue comprises versatile, colorful decoration for beautifying the venue decoration as per their culture trend. Hindu Punjabi never misses a chance to express the value of its cultural and religious beliefs. Punjabi Sikh matrimony site includes various blissful customs and traditions to seek blessings for the couple towards a happy and peaceful ending of this event. Punjabi wedding culture, dress, foods, music, and dance overall celebrations are extremely appreciable having a pleasant feel on marriage function.

Hindu Punjabi Wedding

Lovely Wedding Dresses For Punjabi Bride & Groom

A dreaming day came after a long wait when Punjabi couple appears in their most favorite gorgeous attire made from superfine fabric with a multi-color setting. Punjabi beautiful bride chooses heavily embroidered an auspicious red color “Lehenga’ along with ornamented custom jewelry to enhance her beauty of marriage special. When it comes to Punjabi groom choice is trendy and fantastic ‘Sherwani’ with pearl ornate sehra for traditional dress up. Modern trend brought different types of marriage attires that you will love to opt for your special event.

Punjabi Wedding Food With the Most Delicious Dishes

Punjabi wedding is much popular about its delicious food to serve guests honorably with splendid food arrangements. Hindu Punjabi North Indian wedding dishes are served in a vast variety including favorite dishes such as Handi Chicken, Malaikofta, Samosa Chaat, Aallo Tikki Chaat, Lasuni Marg, Daal Makhani, Naan, and Raita etc. All the invited guests really love this food menu because everything is available what they expect to have as per favorite choice for veg and non-veg.

Dance & Music Celebrations

Hindu Punjabi wedding is incomplete without music fun and dhamaal where everyone will have a chance to dance together. An amazing and surprising traditional dance is bhangra along with a drum beat, a rhythm of steel spoon on dholak that really creates joyful moment to add elegance to the wedding ceremony. Punjabi people love to different styles of dance as bhangra, giddha, kilki, and sammi etc. Punjabi dancing songs make a big sound with full of cheerful melody to desperate them for dancing together. There is a nice collection of Punjabi songs as well that you can play with a big playlist for extra fun and masti on the wedding day.

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Punjabi Bride and Groom

6 Top Indian Wedding Destinations Where Punjabi Couple

Punjabi couple can really make wedding most fantastic and pleasing event by arranging it on the best Indian wedding destinations. Punjabi Sikh brides & grooms have a lot of options to find the best one among hundreds where the choice is yours what suits to your personal taste to tie a nuptial knot forever. No couple wants to have boring and uninteresting marriage celebrations there fore we help you to find the absolutely perfect venue for royal type wedding celebrations and overall arrangements as well. This is so surprising to choose a romantic venue because this is the modern time where everything must include couple’s choice. There are a number of beautiful beaches, heart touching luxurious hotels and wedding venues, etc. Nothing is disappointing all it’s about you. These are nice options to opt for marriage special following as:

Hampi A Traditional Venue

Hampi is a rustic type traditional venue to create colorful celebrations, especially for the newlywed Punjabi couple. It is one of the oldest awesome and appreciable because of having a simple and rustic appearance overall. Imagine “Hampi” is located in South India in Karnataka.

 Jai Mahal Palace

Wow, so amazingly nice feel that attracts deep attention towards its charming look and feel all around. Taj Jai Mahal Palace is one the most popular romantic palace among thousands. This is extremely beautiful and artistically designed in a luxurious way to keep wedding vows between bride and groom.


Mahabaleshwar is a vibrant and fascinating venue to make your dream come true soon. It really means to cherish wedding ceremony with unstoppable fun loving moments by creating a romantic feel for the couple. Mahabaleshwar is an alluring intimate, that’s looking pretty for awesome resorts.

Mussoorie Awesome Feel (The Queen Of Hills)

No any other destination can be so awesome pretty enough including hills, beautiful orchids, waterfalls and natural feel. The newlywed couple would never want to come back again from this dreaming destination that really appears heart touching overall.

Hyderabad A Memorable Destination

A great feel for arranging a wedding ceremony in Hyderabad. Here, you will take a look at the historical and traditional places that memorizes something about ancient trends. The Faluknama’s most precious treasures comprise a vast collection of Venetian chandeliers, traditional paintings and historical memories in spite of having marriage celebrations.

Shimla A Very Cool Idea

The bride and groom must get ready to begin happy planning for celebrating marriage special among hills, Himalayas and peaks really wonderful. Shimla is one of the coolest destinations to get a romantic feel with your loved ones in each wedding custom ceremony.

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Punjabi Wedding Groom Guides For Formal Wear To Get Amazing Royal Style On Special Day

Punjabi wedding is an extravagant, colorful ceremony brings a lot of joys and preparations for both families. Punjabi marriage is a sacred and vibrant occasion that joins matchmaking couple in a lifelong loving relationship. Regardless, they enjoy with lots of ostentatious celebrations from beginning to the last moment. When it comes to the Punjabi groom formal wear as he has numerous options to opt a special attire collection along with custom some jewelry.

After getting ready well by wearing formal attire Punjabi groom really looks like a prince charming. It is true that there are a number of occasions when groom needs to get different style according to the event or even personality outfit. Punjabi wedding matrimony site is a great day to pay extra attention for the right outfit about formal attire as its size, style, design and patterns overall. Punjabi groom is looking a fashion forwarded by opting smart formal wear collection for marriage special day.

A Formal Suit For Punjabi Groom

Punjabi groom can opt a nice fitting formal suit that is considered the best choice for marriage. Formal suit enhances a simple, modern style to get extra appreciations by the wedding participants. A formal attire includes a number of buttons, feature cuffs and short double-breasted that really makes look smart and gorgeous. Punjabi groom can have various styles and patterns in different color to choose a most favorable suit for big day.

A Morning Formal Coat

Sometimes choice may be difficult to choose the best one among thousands of outfit styles. Mostly morning coats are black along with light shade trousers for Punjabi groom. This is a daytime formal dress may absorb dust that will not affect its fabulous look easily.

The Dinner Suit

Punjabi evening wedding is most fabulous even all around colorful lights, balloons, table lamps and lantern lights everything is fantastic. Punjabi groom look seems very fascinating in tuxedo formal dinner suit makes a unique style. This is an amazing dress unmistakably having a classic touch to cherish the look of Punjabi groom. A dinner suit always comes in dark color to give an apparent personality, outfit in all around lightening.

A White Jacket For Tikka Ceremony

Tikka is extremely interesting custom of the Punjabi wedding where groom has a choice to get sober and soft style by wearing formal white jacket made from quality fabric. A white jacket along black paint and tropical black tie that comes in style without losing pleasing combination.

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Punjabi Wedding A Big Day Ceremony Fills Colors In The Life Of Bride And Groom

Punjabi is the most popular community with different sub caste groups who speaks Punjabi language. Punjabi people are presented worldwide in the different countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia etc. Punjabi are majorly residents of the Indian state Punjab. Punjabi is predominantly considered with a large number of the population in three groups such as Punjabi Muslims, Punjabi Hindus and Punjabi Sikhs around the world. They are engaged in different types of occupations according to their culture and residential region. Punjabi religion comprises various castes and communities like Singh, Kaur, Jat and Jatt etc.

Punjabi wedding is ostentatious and colorful ceremony that is specific to the Punjabi religion with religious and cultural custom values. Punjabi marriage is unique about its custom celebrations, cultural, traditional events, food, traditional dance, dress everything is more interesting. Punjabi Roka & Chunni Chadai are an initial custom ceremony to begin celebrations for the big day wedding event. Both families equally celebrate each event with lots of joys and fun. Punjabi Matrimonial Site and Punjabi bride and groom both wear traditional wedding attire and happily participate in matrimonial ceremonies together. Punjabi couple exchange garlands, kanyadaan is given by the father of the bride and then bride and groom take Laavan four steps around holy “Guru Granth Sahib” to complete marriage ceremony.

Wedding Dress Hire that Suits Groom to Get Style For Big Day

Whether this is your big day ceremony obviously need for something special to get a stunning look that rental formal and informal suits are in a wide range to meet with your expectation level. Wedding is the most special day to enjoy the big day celebration during the matrimonial custom ceremonies. No need to move all around you can simply browse to take an idea of rental wedding dress for grooms. All eyes are on the groom’s personality, outfit that he adopts for grand marriage function. It is your personal preference that you like most for big day arrival because there is a number of stylish wedding dress that are made from superfine fabric.

Buy one of your favorite wedding accessories to keep classical touch in your outfit. Grooms are looking for a modern, stylish costume to rent because marriage is a single day affair just need for a day why will you go for buying. We will provide the latest options in a varying variety available for your wedding suit or costume hire. Visit showrooms and malls to choose a nice collection of rental complete wedding accessories in every size and style. You can hire groomsmen wedding outfit for matchmaking Ethnic, Western and Classic wear for prospective absolutely best wedding outfit.

Hire Wedding Menswear Online for Custom Fit Outfits 

How would you go to choose a right one match for matrimony occasion as an awesome style wedding Suits or even Sherwani makes a traditional personality outfit. Check out the wedding hire collection for groomsmen to pick up suitable attire.

 Add Some Stylish Pattern in Wedding Suit

Wedding suits hire are in a vast range for summer season ceremony using a check shirt in a dark color with formal shoes to make look smarter for special ceremonies. The most popular navy blue color shirt will give you admirable look with stylish dressy.

Light Colors 

Light colors are comfortable wear in the summer season, adding cool feel for extra relax. Coat pants are traditional and modern both mixing styles looking gorgeous at the wedding. Light gray along black color is a nice match for groomsmen.

Hire Wedding Sherwanis 

Sherwani costumes hire is having a close traditional touch along a nice long tight fit with churidaar amazingly will be an effective personality outfit. It is a cost effective to give a great feel in a heavy embroidered attire in varying colors. These Maroon, Blue and Golden colors are distinctively most favorite that is embroidered with heavy work design.

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NRI Punjabi Wedding the Most Vibrant and Lavish Custom Win Your Heart

NRI Punjabis are the people of India, but resides in different foreign countries. In spite of living in foreign still they want to marry their children in India because they keep the value of cultural custom and traditions. NRI Punjabi wedding is celebrated with the most extravagant vibrant and colorful custom to tie a nuptial knot between the matchmaking couple. NRI Punjabi marriage is a form of love and affection to the country. They know the significance of their motherland and its custom and traditions to accomplish marriage ceremony. NRI matrimony is a loving and pretty occasion that takes place in India. Some of the Punjabi Indians are settled in foreign countries like USA, U K and Australia etc. But they want to get their children married in India according to the fullness of cultural and religious beliefs. Indian culture and simplicity of religious values are always appreciated that strictly maintain stability in the marriage relationship. NRI Punjabis are present in foreign countries because of their educational and business purposes.

The NRI Punjabi wedding is mostly a favorable occasion for matchmaking couple. NRI Punjabi bride wears gorgeous preferred lehenga with custom jewelry given by her mother-in-law and parents. NRI Punjabi groom is looking fantastic by wearing a traditional sherwani outfit. A groom is looking so handsome at this holy ceremony.

NRI Punjabi Wedding Procession

Both families have invited distant relatives, guests and family friends at the wedding ceremony. NRI Punjabi groom is ready to visit with a procession towards wedding venue. The big welcome of groom and baraat is done at the wedding banquet hall by the bride’s family. After taking a taste of delicious dishes and beverages baraat enjoys a lot having a dance music and masti. NRI Punjabi groom rides by a chariot. After this moment Punjabi cultural custom and rituals takes place to complete matrimonial ceremonies in a traditional way.


NRI Punjabi groom and bride are excited to exchange garlands and have a look once at each other for a moment. This varmala binds the couple in a forever holy thread.

Kanyadaan Ceremony 

Kanyadaan custom is a very heart touching activity when the father of the bride handovers her daughter in the hand of the groom to take the rest of life.

Mangal Phera 

NRI Punjabi groom and bride take four steps around the sacred fire. In the first three steps bride will be on front and for last one groom comes in front and accomplish this phera process. After soon NRI groom puts sindoor in the centre point of the bride’s hair as well as offers magalsutra as this is a sign of his love.

NRI groom and bride are surprised after enjoying colorful custom celebrations during their wedding day. All the most precious memories are kept in wedding photographs and videos.

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Sikh Marriage A Sacred Affair Of Custom And Traditions Brings Colorful Celebration

Sikh marriages are celebrated to the holy union of the couple that celebrations bring cheerful and joyous moments. Sikh wedding is closely attached with cultural and religious beliefs to the better accomplishment of the wedding ceremony. Matrimony is a sacred affair takes only single day but a number of custom and rituals are performed over a week. Marriage is a beautiful occasion brings close to the couple in a lifetime affair. It is a loving and caring relationship between the matchmaking couple. But a single day wedding affair includes a long time process to reach at the mainly considered wedding day and time. Thus, custom and rituals plays most dominant role as the matrimonial ceremonies like as:

                        Sikh Wedding Attire For The Couple 

Wedding is an extremely special ceremony when couple wants a perfect match overall. A Sikh bride wears a western suit in varying preferred colors like blue, brown, yellow etc. Even, Sikh groom wears a traditional ethnic costume according to their color choice.

                   Wedding Custom and Rituals 

Wedding custom and traditions are mainly considered significant in the wedding ceremony that is the essence of culture and religious beliefs. These customary formalities are evolved from the ancient time thus, in this modern time these are given fewer values still celebrated with full fun and masti.

Taka: Taka ceremony is performed after soon roka ceremony to consider the auspicious date and time of the matrimony occasion. From this day wedding preparations and arrangements are begun towards further ceremonial process.

Kurmai (Engagement): This is very special and interesting ceremony wherein the matchmaking couple interacts first time by offering rings to each other. Engagement ceremony is done in a traditional way as priest pray to seek blessing of the God. The bride’s family offers a steel bangle to the groom according to the rasm. This ceremony is enjoyed having dance, drinks and meals.

Mehendi: Mehandi ceremony is specially celebrated among Sikh ladies because all the invited ladies guests, family friends and hosts pasted mehandi on their palms and feet. Mehandi is a décor of Sikh dulhan that is pasted on her palms and feet with unique & beautiful design. A darker shade of mehandi color is the symbol of love.

Soorma and Kalgi:  After soon sehra bandi, father of the groom comes for tying head dress of Sikh dulha. It is the symbol of Sikh wedding the groom wears pagri on the wedding day as well as usually. Her sister puts soorma in his eyes and indicates him to keep plume on his turban. According to rasm groom offers gift to his sister and leaves for wedding venue.

Barat: Barat is ready to visit wedding venue just wait a moment for groom. After arriving at the bride’s home the bride family welcomes them in the banquet venue. After this entire baraat have music-masti and dance together. They enjoy lot wedding day along with wedding planner in Delhi India.

Anandkaraj: Anandkaraj ceremony begins with kirtan when priest sings psalm. The bride comes there with her brother while groom is already present in front of the holy book “Guru Granth Sahib”. A lot of custom ceremonies are moving on towards the wedding process. website:- http://www.shaadichoice.com/matrimony/sikh-matrimony