Sikh Wedding

Dance and Music Adds a Majestic Touch to Sikh Wedding

Sikh marriage is a grandeur ceremony unites bride and groom in a holy relationship. All cultural and religious customs are the basis of getting fun and joy during the blissful union of the couple. After a long wait marriage day comes into someone’s life, how could you forget to enjoy it with full of fun and masti. Sikh traditional dance is much popular where all the invited friends, family and relatives enjoy dance and music. It really makes a magical event to the marriage ceremony. Sikhism is the great follower of Holy Scripture ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. The holy verses are recited by the priest during matrimony to seek blessings from ‘God’ for good luck to the couple. With this sound, they are announced husband and wife for embarking their marital life. Sikhs by nature are enthusiasm and fun-loving who keep desires to enjoy every moment.


Bhangra is one of the most popular traditional dances among Sikhs. They perform dance and bhangra on the latest music and dhol. Bhangra is performed on the dhol rhythm. When Sikh people hear a sound of dhol they can’t control themselves and immediately get excited for bhangra dance. It includes different toughest steps because folk dance has always been found hard to learn. They make a group and dance together for long hours until getting tired.


Bollywood dance is much fascinating and popular dance having different forms of styles and steps. Sikh people enjoy Bollywood dance and songs in different custom occasions like Menendi, Sangeet, Engagement and Reception party all these are the most fun-filled events. Some of them are expert in dancing who performs here nicely on their favorite song. Depending on your choice what you like most a group dance, couple dance and lonely on the wedding stage.


On the marriage ceremony, Sikh bride and groom are asked to perform a dance for adding fun and enjoyment. Gatka dance is generally a typical martial arts usage of swords, sticks and daggers for performing a dance. It's embarking is initially come into a trend through Sikh Guru ‘Hargobind Sahib’ whose purpose was only to teach an art of war to Sikh men and women. This dance performance is categorized into two parts Sport and as a Ritual. During sport, plosive is actually between performers what requires armor to prevent injuries. And another one is a formal dance play between husband and wife.

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