Top 5 Expensive Destinations to Plan Royal Punjabi Wedding

The time of celebrations with so many colorful matrimonial ceremonies to add fun and excitements to this wedding ceremony. Punjabi marriages are generally celebrated with lots of fun-loving and cheerful arrangements cherish union of a happy matured couple. But did you remember something important, how and where you will organize big day function for warm welcome of the bride and groom and respected guests? It's not difficult task to find a luxury and winsome destination really looks admirable at a very first sight. A marriage date is fixed you need to wander to find the best perfect venue for planning everything there, including food, seating, stage, venue decoration and much more. It is not a single day affair finding a right venue takes time, but we help you to make this journey ease by listing a plenty of options for booking a budget-friendly venue.


If you are a beach lover undoubtedly Goa is a right choice. Goa is the most beautiful wedding destination always welcomes the couple with open arms to tie a nuptial knot. Wow, what a beautiful resort, breathtaking sunsets, churches, old historic monuments and mountains, etc. Arrange Punjabi royal wedding at the beach-front destination having a beautiful and charming background for nice photography.


Jaipur is a traditional and historic wedding destination known as Pink city. This famous destination adds an exotic touch to your Punjabi matrimony for combining Punjabi bride and groom. Punjabi culture is very rich and opulent thus, it is the perfect extravagant destination to hold a wedding ceremony. Venue choice is yours because you will get an ultimate option at this nearest and dearest location.


Plan a wedding function at this famous destination by choosing a right beautiful and romantic beach here. This beautiful city is a blend of traditional and regal venues for contemporary stylish Punjabi wedding.


Dreaming day is coming soon and having no plans, yet, but if you desire to find an easy and convenient destination that is only Jodhpur. This comprises some of the magnificent historical palaces really good for a regal wedding.


Shimla is the perfect gateway to plan Punjabi wedding at the peaceful, pleasant and cool environment. Take look at nice breathtaking natural scenes' hill stations, mountains, natural beauty and snow-white, etc. Shimla always attracts to the visitor if you go once to plan a romantic ceremony definitely you aspire to visit once again for enjoying its charming sights.