Punjabi Bridal Jewelry

Contemporary Punjabi Bridal Jewelry Collection for Wedding

Punjabi bridal jewelry collection is available with etiquette designs and patterns for a wedding ceremony. Punjabi marriage is a royal event with so many ideal arrangements to cherish special day. Punjabi bride chooses the latest jewelry collection in intricate designs, antique silver, stones and rare diamond made fashionable jewelry. Shopping for a fashionable fantastic choice that doesn’t matter, what a new style you are trying to get to matrimony event. A bride’s choice is always to find unique, eye-catching and stunning jewelry accessories to look extra smart and pretty.

Jewelry is the most significant wedding accessories that are traditional and elegant enhance bridal aesthetic. Wedding accessories include different jewelry pieces for each bridal feature like Maang tika, aesthetic necklace, earrings, toe rings, bangle and anklet etc. All these jewelry pieces signify the rich uniqueness of the bridal personality outfit what smartly adorns her.

Maang Tika

Buy maang tika with a fabulous pearl ornamented design looks cute and stylish. Punjabi bride can look for resplendent traditional jewelry piece to adopt a perfectly superb style to look like a princess on her wedding day.

Ear Rings

Punjabi bride most favorably loves earrings that may be a blend of classic and traditional contemporary jewelry piece for bride special. It includes pearl ornamented, gold made simple and elegant in a round heavy pattern like kundal, rose gold or gemstone to make magical sound with her wedding attire.


The contemporary classic theme with a set of multi-colored gemstone or single color white diamond with a delicate design. It is also known as Nath (Nose Pin). Choose a classic theme in a trendy and attractive design because it is a front nose pin wear that must be a beautiful jewelry piece.

A Pair of Bangle

A pair of the contemporary bangle is the most favorite choice of Punjabi bride made with clear gold in a beautiful design. Punjabi brides receive it from their maternal uncle for the marriage occasion. It is a very expensive gold bangle choice that completes a bridal outfit. http://www.hinduwedding.com You can also buy at an affordable price, but that will not be highly ornamented and heavy jewelry piece.


Punjabi bridal contemporary necklace design is an extra ostentatious gold made heavy jewelry. http://www.nriwedding.com After wearing necklace bride appears complete along with overall matching wedding accessories with the most expensive attire. This necklace contemporary jewelry is quite heavy including voluminous gold pieces to create a magnificent style.