Five Ideas for Hindu Marriage Ceremony

Hindu wedding has always been a love affair from the people as it reminds the various Swaymvar along with the wedding by the people associated with Kings and Queens. If one sees the wedding in today’s context it has certainly changed and people are more experimental with putting new ideas into the wedding. If we see the new 5 ideas for Hindu wedding then these will suffice for the best of the ideas:

1.Less on money more on ingenuity: The wedding which has always been an affair to remember and also lots of expenditure can be seen on even the simplest of wedding affair. In this case the wedding at court or the court marriage can be one of the best ways to cover the expenses after which a simple reception could help to get easy methods to fulfill the meaning of marriage.

2. Getting less people involved: If one sees the wedding many people try to get-crash and it adds to the severe issues such as shortage of food and the commotion which leads to many other issues such as sometimes the brawls. In this case one could send the wedding cards with personal invitation slip and thus helping them to carry the card. In this way, the people whom genuine invitation has been send will be able to get the wedding invitation.

3.New ideas with themes for guests: We must have heard theme based wedding in which either the tribal style or any other fun based decoration is done. How about creating a theme based wedding for the guests. Although, it may look like a fancy dress from childhood but certainly add a thrill to the event. In this way either the people will be seen in the easy clothes and will give the camera some fun angles making the wedding also a part of news channels and internet.

4.Projector for showing the bride and groom short-film: The projector for showing the bride and groom with short film about the people associated with the family members and the wedding could add to the beauty. The friends could get involved by giving excerpts about the childhood behavior along with many other giving good wishes for helping the family members to feel easy.

5.Making the entire stage like some ship yard of old age: Since, the wedding is all about fun these days the wedding pandal can be made in the form of old wooden ship and also the person can get the most out of this as it can set the trends for future.

In this way the wedding could bring a great solace and happiness which will give a beauty to the coming honeymoon with many sweet experiences.